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Domestic Violence

There is usually at least one victim / witness coordinator as well to aid the prosecutor in communicating with witnesses. Domestic violence cases have taken center stage in legislature and punishments have increased over time. Although simple assaults between family members are still considered misdemeanors, when the assault is by strangulation or there is a serious injury and a weapon is used, the case will likely be escalated to felony status.

The Wake County District Attorney’s office has what is known as a “no drop” policy in regards to domestic violence. That means that the elected district attorney won’t allow his assistants to drop a case even if the complaining witness wants to drop the charges. Often, the assistant district attorney will take a case to trial even if the witness denies or changes his or her story of what happened. At Capital Law Firm, we have a lot of experience in dealing with their no drop policies and we vigorously defend domestic violence cases to protect our clients’ legal rights. This is a fight we have fought many times before.

If you’ve been charged with domestic violence then you probably already know that even though you might be presumed innocent you likely still had to spend at least one night in jail. It's called a cooling-off period, but it's still jail. There is no other type of criminal charges on the books that requires this kind of mandatory jail time before the accused even gets an opportunity to post bond. That should give you some idea of just how seriously the state of North Carolina takes domestic violence cases.

That's not to say that domestic violence cases are not serious. Often they are very serious. But unfortunately some people have learned how to play the system and oftentimes domestic violence accusations are used as weapons to retaliate for hurt feelings or to gain advantage in a divorce. Unlike other types of cases, there is frequently no evidence other than one person's word and yes, you can be convicted, on nothing more than someone else's naked accusation. In fact, even if the accuser tells the prosecutor that they don't want to go forward with the case, in Wake County the District Attorney's Office has what they call a “No Drop” policy. In other words, they won't drop the charges just because an alleged victim wants them dropped.

At Capital Law Firm, we have a tremendous amount of experience helping people charged with domestic violence. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to defend against such charges, call us. We can help. There is no fee for the initial consultation.

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Domestic Violence:

Criminal Defense of Domestic Violence Including Charges of Assault on Female.

In many counties, federal and local grants have created special “domestic violence” courtrooms. These courtrooms are generally staffed by one or two prosecutors, who only prosecute people charged with domestic violence like assault on a female or assault by strangulation.