Drug Charges

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Wake County Drug Trafficking And Possession Defense Attorney Timing is essential in the formulation of any credible defense. Prosecutors may be building a case against you even as you read this. We need to hear from you immediately if your serious drug charges are related to marijuana, cocaine, party drugs or prescription drugs, and include:

  • Simple possession
  • Distribution
  • Sale and delivery
  • Trafficking

Was your car or home searched for drugs without a warrant? Were you compelled to speak to police without a lawyer present? Were you coerced into confessing a crime you did not commit? Were drugs planted on your person or property without your knowledge?

During your confidential initial consultation with Raleigh drug charge attorney, Parisa Houshmandpour, you can discuss every element of your arrest — illegal search and seizure, asset forfeiture and others.

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Drug Charges:

Raleigh Drug Charge Lawyers

A criminal conviction on a serious charge such as drug trafficking can follow you for the rest of your life — not to mention harsh punishments you would face in the here and now, like a jail or prison term, heavy fines, a criminal record, and strict parole or probation conditions after you are released back into society.

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